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An assembly language is a low-level programming language utilized for microprocessors, microcontrollers, and extra programmable devices. Assembly language is used where speed is more essential or there are operations which can not be performed on high-level programming languages. It also gives the understanding to develop effective code in high-level language. It is the most effective computer programming language available.

Assembly languages assists users to know the operations of their PC better which in turn, assists them in consistent development of software. With the help of an assembler you have full control on your PC. The programs developed in assembly languages are smaller and have much more capability than ones developed with the use of other languages. In assembly language, symbolic memory addresses are used for used to remember where data is saved instead of remembering the exact memory location. To translate the assembly language assertions into machine language code, an assembler is used.

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Several examples of assembly language are:

CISC ( Complex Instruction – Set Computer) – Complex instruction set where several operations such as load from memory , an arithmetic operation , a memory store etc are performed by single instruction.

RISC (Reduced Instruction – Set Computer ) – It consists of simple , highly optimized and reduced number of instruction sets . one cycle performance time , pipelining , large number of registers are the features of RISC.

Assembly Language assignment help

DSP (Digital Signal Processor ) – It is the procedure of improving or optimizing the signal to achieve its efficiency and productivity .
VLIW (Very Long Instruction Word ) – It is the processor architecture which is made for applying the instruction level parallelism . It is a more typical instruction set .

Using the assembly language, it would be simpler to perform the hardware-specific jobs in easier way. This language is best suitable for the time-critical jobs. Less memory as well as performance time is needed for assembly language. Assembly language is reliant upon processor architecture & instruction set. This language has higher speed of running as compared to the high-level language.

The basic components in the assembly language include instruction, label, directive & comment. There are three types of assertions which are included in the programs written in assembly language. These assertions are executable instructions, assembler directives and macros.

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