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The word civil Engineering guides our mind toward the work relevant to designing and construction whether it is a big constructing, roadway, dam or anything else. But the area of Civil Engineering is much beyond our basic understanding. Civil Engineering is a significant yet an earliest field of engineering that teaches students to shape the environment close to us. Here, shaping environment relates to enhancing already existing structures or planning and implementing some new idea in design that makes human life much easier and simple.

Civil Engineers are wise enough to identify the sustainability of organic environment or Mother Nature and hence they have the work of designing, building and maintenance appropriately. Structure of dams, building, road, bridges, water supply, and any other method is the work achieved by Civil engineers. Civil Engineers have lots of obligation while holding out their expert work. Their job is not constrained to planning and implementing, rather they need to do correct assessment that the project is carried out based to the plan. Firstly, they are needed to study on all probable outcomes of their construction plan, disadvantages as well as advantages. If the details seem acceptable only then they can apply the work. Secondly, they require monitoring the improvement of work. Thirdly, they require to plan based to the purposed budget and most important, they also have a higher obligation of public protection of the entire project. Furthermore, their planning is also straight dependent on the appropriate use of available sources.

There is range of areas for expertise in Civil Engineering. Few are in brief described below:

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  1. Environmental Engineering

The major element of our atmosphere is air, water and soil. But day after day these elements are getting affected due to increasing pollution. Hence, this area of Engineering focuses to decrease the damage caused to these environmental factors. Environmental Engineers plan, design and implement ideas that work to reduce liberation of dangerous gases from factories, industries or vehicles. Checking out the reasons for contaminants in polluted sites and then designing the methodology or equipment to remove or decrease these pollutions or dangers that is in help of Economic, social, political and legislature problem is the work of Environmental Engineers. Overall, this area of Civil Engineering develops our understanding on having the measure or designing the instruments that helps to keep the environment clean by healthful by lowering the rate of pollution.


  1. Transportation Engineering

Transportation is indicates to travel from one place to the other. It can be by roadways, airways or waterways. Therefore, this area of Engineering Instruct students on planning, building, maintaining and operating various mediums of transport so as to present safest and simplest drive to the people. Transport Engineers have excellent obligation of building network links of various transportation medium along with the necessary terminals. Recently, automobile infrastructure in transportation Engineering is in reports that for highway design and manage of growing traffic. Since, environment is of main issue nowadays, so Transportation Engineers are also dependable in designing vehicles that do not contaminate or bother the environment.


  1. Structural Engineering

The term Structural Engineering though determine building of structure, but this need to be further comprehended in a deeper sense. Designing of structures that can avoid any stress or force is the main idea for learning Structural Engineering. Hence, it needs a transparent idea and knowledge on solid mechanics to construct any structure that can avoid fixed or powerful weight. Beside this, teaching Structural Engineering also advantage students by giving knowledge on designing the structure of various machines, vehicles or aircrafts.


  1. Water Resources Engineering

This area of Civil Engineering contains finest plan, design and operation of water sources system. This area of study can also be called as hydraulic engineering that needs knowledge of fluid mechanics for use and management of water in remote and open channels. Therefore, this area is the research of hydrological cycle in building dam, power-plant, for agriculture, forecasting and stopping possible damage from natural calamities like flood and landslide.


  1. Geotechnical Engineering

This area of Civil Engineering essentially focuses to research the soil, rock or and any other geothermal property, in order to look the cause for contaminants, or the suitability for execution of any prepared project. They even do lots of work associated to embankment, channels etc.


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