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  •  What are the minimum qualifications/Experience/Skills required For Tutors?

We expect tutors to have a Master’s degree in their subject and some experience in teaching. For certain grades and subjects a graduate degree in the subject and an additional degree in education also will be accepted. We may take exceptional candidates with a strong academic record, especially Engineers, as trainee tutors without prior teaching experience. Familiarity with computers and good English communication skills are mandatory.


  • How does Assignment Zones service works?

You need to follow few basic steps to place your order. First of all go to our order page and complete the order form. Second step is to make the payment using your credit card or PayPal account. We then assign your work to the professional and this process usually takes less than one working day, but we endeavor to be quicker for more urgent orders. As soon as we complete your order, we will inform you by the mail and send your order in your Assignment Zones account, before the deadline.


  •  How do I know that your work will meet your guarantees?

First of all, our qualified, experienced English writers undertake your work and are further checked by our Quality Control Team to ensure that it meets our standards and your instructions. As a safeguard, however, you also have a complete satisfaction guarantee — if your work does not meet our promises or your specific instructions we will amend it for you free of charge, as long as you tell us within 7 days. Moreover, all of our writers have a 2:1 degree or higher — and most are post graduates with professional experience. To ensure ongoing quality standards, we monitor all researchers to ensure that they continue to produce the level of work that we expect. Please see our application page for more details of our strict recruitment process.


  •  What are the topics your researchers cover?

Our experts cover everything that you can study — at university, college, school or at any other learning institution. Our pool of researchers is growing every day — and the breadth of problem solving experts is augmenting every day. We can confidently say that there are practically no subject areas that we know of, that we have not helped students with in the past.


  •  Is my identity confidential?

We never reveal that you’ve used our service unless we’re required by law to do so. If you’ve used our service correctly, in the way we demonstrated above, you need not be worried.


  • Who judges the quality standard of the work I ordered?

We have a quality control team that looks after the quality of the work. As mentioned earlier we deliver the work before the deadline, so you can verify that on your own and can contact us in case you don’t find the work up to the standards. Make sure you ask for the amendments no later than 7 days after the delivery of the work.


  •  Who are our tutors / assignment solvers?

Our tutors are highly qualified in their respective fields and masters, PhD holders. Most of our tutors have considerable industry experience. We have a stringent recruiting process & hire only the most competent tutors.


  • How do I receive my assignment work?

All work will be available in your Assignment Solution by e-mail and comes as an attachment in the form of a word or relevant format.


  •  I just sent my homework question through website form / email, what happens next?

Once you send us your question / assignment document following is our process:
1) You send us your problems along with a deadline in terms of Date & Time (Please Specify Timezone: EST, CST, GMT, Australian zones etc).
2)We send the problems to tutors for review.
3) Tutor responds with complexity & feasibility of taking up work.
4) We send you a Quote and the time needed to deliver the solutions.
5) You pay us through under our payment policies.
6) We start work.
7) Deliver on the mutually agreed up on deadline.


  •  How long does it take to get a solution for my homework questions?

The more complex the homework / assignment problem, the longer it takes us to get a solution to you
For there are only a few questions & they are all small — Then we ask for 18 to 24 hrs
If questions are more & complexity is high — Then we ask for 2 to 3 days
We do request our clients to give us sample time to get the Homework solution back to them.


  • How do I pay for the Homework Help Service?

Once you receive a quote from us then you can pay through your visa, master and credit card. We accept all major Credit / Debit cards like Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express etc. You can also pay through PayPal.


  •  Do you provide an answer checking Service?

We do provide a Homework answer checking service in which our experts review the answers received from our clients for accuracy and make corrections where necessary.


  • What is the price for the Homework Answer checking service ?

The pricing depends on the time, effort & expertise involved in checking the answers a custom quote will be emailed to the client after evaluating the Homework problems based on the above criteria.


  • How do you know I won’t cheat?

It is difficult to detect plagiarism. Like any educational tool our online assignment help service is open to abuse and it is up to you to be honest and assure us that you won’t pass the work off as your own, by handing in some, or all of it.

  • What is your Refund Policy?

We strive to provide the most accurate solutions to our clients, however there might be rare instances involving an error on our part. If indeed the solutions we provided are wrong, we will refund an amount equivalent to the questions on which our tutor went wrong.
There is a short review process when a refund claim is made by the client where in we ask the client to provide us the correct solutions & provide us feedback as to why the client thinks the solutions are wrong. Once we receive this information an independent tutor will review the solutions & make a decision on the refund claim.
All refund claims should be made within 7 days of receipt of solutions, no claim will be entertained after the 7 days period.