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Perl is a family of script programming languages which are related with the format to the C language, as well as Perl 5 and Perl 6. Perl is an open source, general-use, interpreted language.
In common, Perl is less difficult to study and quicker to code in than the more organized C and C++ languages. Perl programs could be rather superior. That is usually utilized for developing a common gateway interface (CGI) programs simply because it has good text manipulation features, even though that additionally deals with binary files.
Perl contains a number of well-known UNIX features this kind of as awk, sed, and tr. That could be put together simply ahead of performance into possibly C code or cross-platform byte code. Whenever created, a Perl program is virtually as fast as a completely precompiled C language program.
It is still appropriate sufficient because this functions as a glue language which usually integrates various elements or interfaces effortlessly. The design and style of Perl are affected by a shell script that is an extensively used glue language. It can make it simpler for programmers to integrate third-party interfaces or elements that are not appropriate along with each other.
Perl was developed particularly for text processing. It integrated text processing capacity can make Perl as an extensively used server-side programming language. The web programmers can use Perl for both text processing and manipulation. Also, the database integration interface offered by Perl facilitates several widely used relational database management systems (RDBMS) - ORACLE, PostgreSQL, Sybase, and MySQL .

Perl is Fun

Writing Perl code is very fun and rewarding:

You can stay away from working along with numerous idiosyncrasies like storage allowance and clearing, moving a context variable to a function, or undesirable format for complicated data structures.
The program code is brief and effective.
There is a lot of Do-What-I-Means that make programming simpler.
With a small amount of attention your code can be portable across all UNIXes, and even on Windows and other platforms.
Perl is documented broadly and you can get a lot of active, human answers for your questions from mailing lists, online chats and web forums.
Most serious Perl programmers love their language and love programming in it.

Perl is Helpful

Perl has been successfully used for a lot of varied tasks: text processing, system management, web programming, web automating, GUI programming, games programming, code generation, bio-informatics and genealogical research, lingual and etymological research, number crunching, and testing and quality assurance.

Perl is Open Source

Perl is completely Free and Open Source Software and is useful for almost any use. It can and has been used for in-house software, web software, open source software, or open source or non-open-source commercial software.

Perl can Show You the World

Perl 5 has lent the most important programming paradigms and applied them in a constant and fun way. It is a dynamic language, that facilitates Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), Functional Programming (FP), Aspect-Oriented Programming, and lots of other buzzwords, while not trying to avoid you from writing quick and unclean code to get your work done.

As such, Perl is highly informative. If you know Perl well, you’ll have no problem picking up such languages as Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, Microsoft .NET, or more imprecise languages such as Scheme. In fact, Perl has verified very importantly on most of these languages, to a large extent.

Perl is also a useful moving stone for learning ANSI C and C++, and also will improve your code composing in any language.

If you comprehend Perl, you will comprehend the world!

When is Perl the right tool for the job?

We admit Perl has some difficulties. However, Perl 5 is still perhaps the best solution for writing a huge class of system administration scripts. Using the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN), you can generally get the job done much more easily and effortlessly than with any other language.

Perl code can be written to be very supportable, legible and sophisticated. Perl certainly sports many features and attributes that make writing short programs – often one-liners – easier, because this is what people use it most of the time. However, there is nothing in Perl that stops writing large-scale, maintainable programs. And in fact, such programs have been written and are still effective.

Perl is most likely not for everyone. You need to be a good developer to write in Perl. However, code written by bad programmers in other languages can be similarly as difficult as code written by bad Perl programmers.

The good news is that you can become a good Perl programmer using the sources on this site and somewhere else and that learning Perl will enhance your programming capability – not only in Perl but in other languages as well. Are you ready to take on the challenge? Great! Then dive right in.

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