Advantages to help Linux Shell and also Shell Scripting


A shell is a special end-user program that offers a good user interface to use operating system solutions. Shells accept individual’s understandable commands through user and change all of them into anything that kernel may comprehend. This is usually a command language interpreter which perform commands examine from input equipment such as keyboards or through files. The shell gets started out while the user logs in or starts out the terminal.

Shell is extensively categorized into two categorizations –

  • Graphical shell
  • Command Line Shell

Shell Scripting


In most cases shells are fascinating that mean, they take command as input from users and accomplish all of them. Even so time period many of us would like to perform a bunch of commands consistently, so we have kind in most commands every time in the terminal.

As shell could also get commands as input from the file we can easily write these codes in a file and can implement them in a shell to avoid this repeating work. These files are named Shell Scripts or Shell Programs.


The reason do we all require shell scripts


There are lots of explanations to write shell scripts –


  • To prevent repeated perform as well as automation
  • System admins usage shell scripting for scheduled backups
  • System supervising
  • Including different efficiency to the shell etc.


Positive aspects with shell scripts


The command line and syntax are specifically the exact as those right entered in the command line, so computer programmer do not will need to move to completely diverse syntax

  • Writing shell scripts are a lot faster
  • Effective start
  • Active debugging etc.

Task Automation

The first benefit of using shell scripts is automating frequently executed tasks.
Archive and upload a file or folder every day to a cloud storage facility such as S3.
Compress log files which tend to grow every day.
Fetch stock prices, parse the fetched data, and trigger an email or SMS when certain conditions are met (too high or too low prices).

Combining Multiple Commands

In inclusion to automating frequent tasks, you might also find it functional that you can combine multiple sequences of instructions into a single command. Keeping in mind a single command is much easier than multiple commands, not to point out the order in which they must be performed.

An example would be the boot-up series of the Linux Operating System itself. As a part of boot-up, the OS executes a number of instructions to get the system into a proper state. These commands are really shell scripts which live under the /etc directory. If you take a look at one of these shell scripts, you will realize the difficulty of booting a system, which you might have had to perform by hand in the lack of shell scripts.

Less difficult to Develop

It is possible to perform the same activities as a shell script inside a regular program written in C/C++. Even so, it is far easier to write and debug a shell script than a C/C++ program. Specifically for system administration projects which consist of a performance of additional commands, creating and removing files and directories, redirecting output, etc.


A shell script, by virtue of being a text file, can simply be viewed to check out what activities it is executing. By comparison, the only way you will ever know what a system written in a language such as C/C++ (and compiled to an executable) is doing is if it selects to tell you or if you have accessibility to the source code. For example, you can check if a shell script is removing any files, and if you require those files, you can copy them to a different location.

It is also much easier to identify problems with shell scripts rather than regular programs since you can look at the source code. Is that script faltering because a directory does not exist? You can look in the script code and generate the directory (though a well-behaved shell script should check and create it to avoid such errors).


A shell script can be moved to other Unix and Unix-like operating systems and executed (if the shell itself is present). Even when transferring a shell script from different architectures such as x86, MIPS, Sparc, etc, shell scripts are much more portable than C/C++ programs.

Now that you get an idea of what shell scripts are and their many positive aspects, wouldn’t you like to use them for your tasks?

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