What is Social Science?

The Social Science is branch of science that offers with the sociocultural elements of human behavior. The social sciences usually include economics, cultural anthropology, political science, Sociology, criminology and social psychology. Comparative law and comparative religion (the comparison study of the legal systems and religions of different nations and cultures) are also occasionally regarded as social sciences.

Social Science is, in its broadest sense, the study of society and the way people behave and effect on the world around us. Although human social behavior has been studied since antiquity, the modern social sciences as procedures rooted in the scientific method date only from the 18th century. Enlightenment interest at first based on economics, but by the 19th century, separate disciplines had been created in anthropology, political science, psychology, and sociology.

Each of these subjects uses a range of methods to carry out the study of society – from the collection and analysis of statistics to the collation of responses to questionnaires and each step needs a different approach. Like the other sciences, the social sciences evolve through the interaction of the ideas and theories of academics, and the proof that supports or refutes them.

Some specialists however argue that no single description can cover such a broad church of academic disciplines, deploying a wide range of methods to gathering evidence. Instead they simply define the sciences by listing the subjects they include. The term “social science” may refer either to the particular sciences of society recognized by thinkers such as Comte, Durkheim, Marx, and Weber, or more usually to all disciplines outside of noble science and arts.

Branches of social science

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The main topics for social science assignment help are:

  1. History

History is the study of human past, especially how it relates to the humans. It is an umbrella term which is used to a wide variety of things: people, events, myths, memories, places etc. Like any other areas of social science, history has diversified into a number of sub-fields specifically included in social science assignment help –

  • Military history: It offers with wars and military campaigns.
  • Political history: It deals with political changes and uprising.

Social history: It is a huge field which is worried about the society and how people relate to it. It is of great significance and requires social science assignment help.

Economic history: Social science assignment help is needed for it as it is political history that deals with the changes in the creation process.

History of ideas: According to our social science assignment help professionals, it is about the dominant thought procedures which define our collective-psyche. Social science assignment help professionals deal with history of ideas.

Resources are supremely important in social science assignment help material. Veracity of sources is equally important. Resources can be of various types. They are epigraphs, coins, old historical documents and books, paintings, sculptures etc. Even oral interviews are regarded as valid historical sources now-a-days.

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  1. Economics

The discipline of economics deals with the production, distribution and usage of wealth. Two major sub-fields of economics included in social science assignment help material are:

Macro-economics: In microeconomics, the unit of analysis is the individual or the household. Some of the major areas of investigation are demand and supply, theories of prices, production, costing, game theory, monopoly etc. Get social science assignment help to understand macro-economics.

Micro-economics: Macroeconomics deals with the economy as a whole and the large scale factors which can make significant changes in the economy. Some of the major areas of macro-economic are inflation, unemployment, economic growth, fiscal policy, currency policy, international trade and commerce etc. To know more about our social science assignment help, visit Assignmentzones.com!

  1. Political Science

Social science assignment help on political science or simply politics consist of academic discipline that deals with the theories and practices of governance, political activities and political behavior. In social science assignment help material, politics is divided into distinct sub-disciplines:

Political theory: Political theory deals with meanings of political principles like freedom, justice, democracy, rights, law etc.

Comparative politics: Comparative politics deals with the comparison between different types of governments such as communist, capitalists, socialist, military etc.

International relations: International relations are the study of different nations and their relations. Social science assignment help professionals give attention to international relationships.

Public law and administration: Finally public law and administration deals with the various legal institutions which make up the administrative framework of a state. Our social science assignment help service emphasizes on the subject.

  1. Sociology

Social science assignment help for sociology consists of the study of society, social institutions and social behavior of people who reside in a particular society. While anthropology deals with people of the other society, sociology deals with people of one’s own society. Some of the major issues of sociology included in social science assignment help material are marriage customs, dietary habits, recreational habits, religious customs etc. A sociology student is needed to conduct interviews and then use the findings to make common observations about the society.

  1. Anthropology

Arthropods means humans. Anthropology is the study of humans in communities which are alien to us. It is an inter-disciplinary subject that borrows the methodologies of social sciences, life sciences and humanities. Some of the major fields of anthropology regarded in social science assignment help material are:

  • Social anthropology
  • Biological anthropology
  • Cultural anthropology and
  • Anthropological linguistics.
  1. Philosophy

Our social science assignment help attracts attention to philosophy as the study of certain fundamental problems that impact human beings. Some of the very basic questions regarding truth, God, life, reality, falsehood, good and bad are answered by philosophy. Social science assignment help covers five main branches of philosophy:

  • Epistemology is the science of knowledge and knowledge systems
  • Logic offers with the principles of philosophical reasoning
  • Metaphysics is the study of the most basic features of human reality
  • Ethics differentiates between what is right and wrong
  • Aesthetics deals with the idea and nature of beauty.

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  1. Archeology

According to social science assignment help writers, archeology is study of remote past of humans when history was not yet recorded. There are various anthropological time periods like Old Stone Age, new Stone Age, copper-bronze age, agricultural age etc. Get social science assignment help on Archeology from us.

  1. Linguistics

Linguistics is worried about how a language works. It deals with three precise areas: language form, language meaning and languages in context. Social science assignment help stresses on the main sub-fields of linguistics which are:

  • Phonetics (the study of speech)
  • Phonology (study of sounds)

Semantics (the study of the meaning of words) etc.

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What are the problems faced by students needing social science assignment help?

Many of you must be social science students while some of you might be ruminating over the chance of taking up social science as a discipline. Students looking for social science assignment help must be facing some of the below mentioned problems. They are:

The major subjects included in social science are interdisciplinary. They speak to each other across disciplinary limitations. This might pose a lot of problems concerning methodology. Our social science assignment help remove all writing flaws.

The subjects are vast and complex. Procedures such as philosophy, economics etc are profound. While philosophy asks fundamental questions about the universe and about us, economics helps us to understand the present financial situation and the future financial possibility. Students must be used to working with such tough questions in their social science assignments. Take social science assignment help if you find the task hard.

Tight deadlines and prose style required of a social scientist is of very high quality. Social scientists have a propensity to delay their social science assignments. Higher academia has no place for such behavior, hence students ask for social science assignment help. As such students must learn to hurry up, else take social science assignment help.

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