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Statistics is the research of real world data and inferring them to get a significant result. In broader sense, it is a mathematical way of gathering, verifying, analyzing, interpreting and hence summarizing a full set of data. Hence, it can be stated that this field gives knowledge to work quantitatively on collected data. The understanding of statistics is utilized in number of technical and useful fields. Economics, Business, Science, and Research are all the essential fields that need knowledge of statistics for finalization of the expert courses.

Studying Statistics helps individual, company, government and nation in number of ways. The statistical calculations provide an essential pillar to summarize the huge details in quantitative way. Hence, below are the factors that display the reasons for studying Statistics in college and universities:

The knowledge of Statistics helps us to conduct our research task or projects carefully and logically. It means that we can make a skilful decision by interpreting the collected data rationally with the use of Statistical tool.

Research of Statistics helps in growth of critical considering and analytical skills.

Basic concepts on Statistics helps in correct evaluation of any details.

To be able to read and comprehend articles and journals that consist of statistical information, Statistical knowledge is really essential.

Hence, these are few factors that reflect the necessity of studying statistics in this advanced world. For sure, pursuing statistics can always be an advantage for students because it enhances our capability to skillfully present and infer any info.

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Expertise in Statistics can be done in two main areas:


  1. Detailed Statistics

Descriptive Statistics is the way to summarize and interpret the obtained data so that a important pattern is formed. But this area is simplified down for making conclusion of only that information’s that we have accumulated or that is presented to us. Hence, using detailed statistics requires two types of statistical ideas: evaluate of spread also called graphical summary. Graphical summary uses graphical representation to analyze data. Second is the, evaluate of central propensity also called numerical summary. In case of statistical summary, mean, median, mode, quartile are used to analyze the given data.


  1. Inferential Statistics

It is the research carried out for inferring or equating our data with the general circumstances. So, this shows the variation between inferential statistics and descriptive statistics. Inferential statistics is utilized in the wider area of statistical study. Hence, the technique used in inferential statistics is sample, testing of hypothesis, principle component analysis and regression. Describing it further with an example: If you need to determine the marks of 150 students of a class, knowledge of Detailed statistics can be utilized but on the other hand if you want to calculate the marks of whole students, you require to apply the knowledge of Inferential statistics in which a proper sample from a specific population is drawn to get the outcome.


These are two significant areas in statistics. Hence, studying statistics broadens up knowledge in useful fields and thus provide as a helpful tool in taking choices smartly.


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